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Diana Tobosaru  Anayd Blu

I have always been fascinated by costumes and accessories.

With a stage designer education, my imagination does not end with pieces of jewelry. I believe there is out there an entire universe of creativity that I visited and long to explore it deeper in the future.

I was a set designer in a theater, I worked for a long time in advertising, I paint, I invent objects. For me, design jewelry is just another way to express my creativity. It’s wearable art.

What called me to scenography/set designing - the bond between the story and its embodiment in costumes and set - is also what provoked me at the contemporary pieces of jewelry.

The jewel-object goes beyond its condition of decorative element/ornament, it also has something to say: a story, a dream, a thought, a manifest for a cause, a statement. It speaks about emotions, hope, joy.

Everything you wear defines you in a way.

Life is like a stage, and it’s my belief that you can share a part of who you are through what you wear.

I create my pieces of jewelry in silver and bronze, combined with leather, resin or gemstones.

Besides the story and the materials used, instinctively I always want them to be beautiful.

I believe that whenever you need to step down for a moment from life’s rollercoaster, the beautiful things will help you reconnect with yourself and remind you about what is really important.

I’d love to see that when my pieces of jewelry are worn, the day becomes beautiful and the world a brighter place.